Working in partnership with parents

We believe that positive relationships and effective communication with parents are critical to providing the best care possible for our students. There are regular meetings between parents, teachers and tutors, and parents are encouraged to talk to their daughter’s tutors if they have any concerns.

As a pastoral team at NLCS we want to continually be working with parents on the challenges facing their daughters. As well as running a detailed program of talks for the students as part of their PSHE programme, we also organise talks for parents. These have included  ‘Encouraging good study skills and helping your daughters to manage their homework’, ‘Helping students to achieve a healthy lifestyle’ and ‘The importance of mindfulness in your child’s life’. Childnet have given talks for parents covering many aspects of e-safety, focusing on what parents can do to help their children stay safe online. These talks are great opportunities to hear the latest information from experts in their field.

Welcome receptions are organised for each year group at the start of the Autumn term to introduce parents to each other, their new tutors and to deliver key information. We also organise tutor dinners for Year 7 parents in the Autumn term, where parents and tutors meet over dinner and drinks for a relaxed getting to know you evening.

The Parents Guild are a vital part of the school community, organising a number of events for students and their parents, as well as helping with events such as the 11+ interview days and organising form picnics for the students during the summer before they join Year 7. The Guild also supports school activities, manages good as new uniform sales, musical instrument exchanges and babysitter lists. Parents readily help in the school libraries, on trips and in special activities.

 I feel that whenever there is a concern, it is always addressed and someone will always pick up the phone and discuss it with me. - Year 11 parent

Our daughter Isabelle has been at NLCS since Reception and will soon be completing her GCSE’s and starting in Year 12.  Like a true NLCS girl, she is very involved in many aspects of school life which extend beyond the curriculum.  The girls are all encouraged to be independent and organised in order to maintain their busy schedules. However, the school continually involve and update parents using various channels of communication. This creates a partnership between the school and the parents which means we can stay involved in all aspects of their education, both academic and beyond. - Year 10 parent

The school welcomes interaction and feedback from parents.  They encourage us to work with them to feel part of our daughters’ education and to celebrate their success. Each student has a form tutor who is our first point of contact regarding illness or absence from school.  Parents have the opportunity to meet with individual subject tutors several times a year to discuss aspects of our daughters’ academic progress. 

- Year 10 parent