Tutor System

Central to our pastoral ethos is that every student is well known and cared for. The form tutor plays a key role in this.

It is the tutor’s responsibility to ensure that every student feels individually valued and supported, the tutor is also the first point of contact for parents. Parents should never hesitate to contact the tutor if they have any concerns about their daughter. Events are organised throughout the year where parents have the opportunity to meet with tutors to discuss their daughter’s progress.

Each section of the school has a senior pastoral leader, who is supported by Heads of Year, the School Nurse, Doctor and Counsellor. All our teachers also have specific pastoral responsibilities to make sure that every girl flourishes both socially and academically.

Each form group has at least two dedicated tutors so that pastoral groups are small (typically 8-12 girls). Sixth Form girls also act as peer mentors.

In the Sixth Form tutor groups are a mixture of Year 12 and Year 13 girls, integrating the year groups and allowing for wide friendship groups and peer support.

I can go to my tutor about anything from school work to friendship problems. They are a shoulder to lean on. - Year 8 student

My tutor has really helped me settle in and answers any questions I may have. - Year 7 student 

It’s nice to have two tutors, with different personalities and ideas - you can talk to them about different things. - Year 10 student

We definitely have a close and trusting relationship with our tutors. Apart from helping us with day to day things, they offer support and care far beyond the form room. - Year 11 student