Well-being & Pastoral Care

We believe that happy students are successful students. Our pastoral care is focused on individual support for every girl, developing resilience and a sense of perspective, so that girls are able to tackle challenges head-on, learn from set-backs, and have the confidence to try again if things don’t work out initially.

We aim to provide an environment which promotes self-confidence, a feeling of self-worth and the knowledge that pupil’s concerns will be listened to and acted upon.

Academic and pastoral staff work closely together to ensure no girl is without support during her time at the School

- Independent Schools Inspectorate

Some girls may experience difficulties, anxiety or find a sense of perspective difficult at times which is why our approach to well-being is one where the pastoral and academic staff work closely together to ensure no girl is ever without support. We have high expectations of all our students, providing 'floors not ceilings' in all their activities, and we place equal value on academic and extra-curricular achievement.

We try to educate the girls, support their parents and equip staff to help navigate the challenges of adolescence such as social media and establishing limits on use of technology. We encourage them to take full advantage of all the rich extra-curricular activity on offer here, helping them to find their niche so they feel valued, develop confidence and high self-esteem.

How does it work?

Each section of the School has a pastoral leader, who is supported by the School Nurse, Doctor and Counsellor. All our teachers also have specific pastoral responsibilities to make sure that every girl flourishes socially and academically.

Each form group has at least two dedicated tutors so that pastoral groups are small (typically 8-12 girls). Sixth Form girls also act as peer mentors.