Central to our fundraising efforts is the need to open our doors to girls of promise and talent but with limited financial means.

Each year we aim to offer more young people the opportunity to experience a North London Collegiate School education through a bursary. In doing this we don’t just ensure that girls of ambition and potential can join our community; we also maintain our rich, social mix and diverse community.

Welcoming bursary students into the School community is, for me, a privilege. Staff do not know who has been awarded a bursary, allowing for those students given financial assistance to build a place for themselves in the same way as any other. I have found that our bursary students are immensely proud of their school, and are grateful for the opportunities offered to them to maximise their potential. 

- Dr Hazel Bagworth-Mann, Deputy Head (Pastoral)


We currently offer some level of help with fees to nearly 8% of Senior School students – but we need to continually raise funds to cover their places, and our ambition is for 10% of students to receive the equivalent of a 100% bursary.

We know that, increasingly, independent school fees are beyond the reach of some families; our fundraising efforts for the Bursary Fund are now more important than ever.

My two sisters and I attended NLCS as Music Scholars and beneficiaries of the Bursary Fund. We were fortunate to be supported through each of our Senior School careers as full recipients of bursaries. Our parents would not have been able to afford the fees unassisted. The Bursary Fund allowed us to attend one of the UK’s top schools. It is truly amazing to imagine the generosity of donors. I’m not sure many will know that they supported an entire family through their Senior School education. We have all now graduated from university; two are lawyers and I work in finance. We are so grateful to the School for the opportunities it gave us, and for the doors the School has opened for our future.

- Dah-Eun Chae, ONL (Class of 2007)


Each year, we ask parents of Year 13 students to donate some or all of their deposit to our Leavers’ Bursary Fund; we are immensely grateful for the support we receive, which allows us to fund more young people to be able to come to North London and enjoy the opportunities that an NLCS education provides.

For more information on bursaries, please see attached our bursary brochure or contact the Development Team at development@nlcs.org.uk