Engineering & Technology

At its heart, engineering is about finding creative, practical solutions to problems. The Engineering and Technology department reflects this in its approach to support students in developing; core practical skills, higher order thinking skills and of course an outlet to creatively solve design problems.

In 2020, our design facility underwent a full refurbishment to provide students with access to a state-of-the-art Computer-Aided Design Suite. The new studio has open access to 3D printing and laser cutting facilities as well as a fresh-faced and well-equipped workshop suitable for a wide range of resistant materials projects. 


Engineering and Technology at NLCS offers students an opportunity to develop skills and solve problems in a creative, practical way. Alongside this theory, content covered aims to support students understanding of their own use of materials and technology in day to day lives. The name of the subject itself reflects the STEAM-based approach to the Design and Technology curriculum which it follows and all students in KS3 have E&T for half of the year on a rotation basis with Computing. 

Across all KS3 groups, students engage in a curriculum based on a two-project approach. One project to teach core manufacturing skills, independent project management and what makes a quality outcome. One project to promote problem-solving, iterative design thinking and teamwork.

The projects themselves range from a NASA themed payload delivery device and focused practical desk organiser in Year 7, to wind turbines and a high-end jewellery holder with CAD design and 3D printing tasks in Year 8. In Year 9, projects link more with core GCSE topics such as levers during a mechanical grab project and electronic systems through a crumble based robotic programming challenge.

While not currently offered as a GCSE, we soon hope to provide students with the ability to take the AQA GCSE Design and Technology course. This course is made up of a 50% Theory examination and 50% NEA. As well as continuing to promote the areas of learning started in KS3, Design and Technology is an excellent supporting subject for Arkwright Engineering Scholarship applicants and leads onto the Product Design course at A-Level which is a gateway subject for students going on to study across a range of Engineering and Design Engineering courses at University.  


The department plays host to the Engineering Society run by Year 13 students with interest in the field. These same students also run the Young Engineers Club for the Middle School.

Beyond this, the department hosts open workshops for students, support Arkwright Scholarship applications as well as the 'F1 in Schools' team. This year we have also put together the School's first VEX Robotics teams. COVID allowing, we hope these teams will compete in local and national competitions this year and grow to have more teams in the future.