Art & Design

The Art Department consists of five specialist teachers and a dedicated 'Drawing School' with facilities for photography, computer aided design, print-making, textile design and construction, welding and ceramics as well as most two dimensional media.

Art at North London has a proud pedigree: R.W. Buss (our founder's father) illustrated for Dickens, Lucien Pissarro painted sets for plays and Peggy Angus, whose tiles adorn Terminal One at Heathrow, was Head of Art in the 1950s. More recently, Old North Londoner, Paloma Strelitz, was part of the 2015 Turner Prize-winning group, 'Assemble'. Recent graduates continue this tradition of excellence and have attend leading Art Colleges in the UK and the USA.


All Middle School students have a double lesson of Art a week and these groups carousel between the specialist areas to receive a challenging and broad experience.

GCSE students follow the Edexcel exam syllabus, while, at 6th form, students may choose between the Cambridge Pre U Art and Design course or to study the International Baccalaureate Visual Arts qualification. Both of these courses enable students either to pursue either a general Fine Art enquiry or to specialise in a recognised field of Art and Design such as Architecture, Graphic Design or Screen-based media. All exam courses end with an exciting and ambitious exhibition and post16 students are supported in creating a high quality portfolio to support university application.

The Department offers a broad range of extracurricular opportunities for students to develop their passion and extend their skills, including life-drawing, photography and top-up sessions for students wishing to take their class-based projects further


As well as an impressive range of resources and media to draw upon, the Sixth Form Art Society organises the annual charity Fantasy Fashion show, lunchtime activities and a program of visiting speakers. Last summer, as part of our Arts festival, we enjoyed listening to acclaimed art historian, Andrew Graham Dixon talking about his lifelong love of painting. We have also welcomed historian Simon Schama speaking about Rembrandt and Sandy Nairne of The National Portrait Gallery presenting his Desert Island choice from the collection.

Art & Design

Alongside our UK gallery visit program, we runs yearly trips to major European cities including Paris and Berlin plus and an exciting new dimension to the department are the increased dialogues with our overseas sister schools – in particular, our students now share their creative journeys with those of their peers at NLCS Jeju in South Korea.