Victoria Blackburn


My education at NLCS has provided me with an abundance of happy memories, and will always have a special place in my heart. The undefinable, unique teaching at NLCS always made learning fun and not a chore. I'll never forget doing a conga to learn to count in Spanish and my biology teacher transforming herself into a human Fallopian tube in order to teach us the female reproductive system! By having such passionate teachers who are always trying to find ways to make the curriculum feel new and exciting, it made students in my year really love their subjects because their passion translated to us and made us really love learning.

I can honestly say that NLCS shaped me into who I am today. NLCS has the incredible ability to shape all of their students into confident, hard-working and independent young women, a quality that has been invaluable to me, especially in my chosen field. Whilst at school I was always encouraged to not take things at face value, but to debate, question and challenge normal ideals or views, giving me a broader outlook on the world. NLCS installs into their students that with enough hard work they are capable of achieving anything, an attitude that has motivated me to always go above and beyond in all areas of my working life.

For me the incredible extra- curricular that is on offer at NLCS makes the school extremely special. At such a highly academic school you wouldn't necessarily expect there to be such a great importance placed on extra -curricular, but the school truly encourages each of their students to take a vested interest in something outside of the classroom whether it be joining the lacrosse team, writing an article on fashion or taking part in Drama productions (either performing on stage or becoming part of the stage management team). Also the familial atmosphere that runs throughout NLCS makes the school an extremely loving and supportive place to not only learn but grow up. NLCS truly felt like my home away from home, which was evident from my spending the majority of Year 13 running around the common room with my slippers on!

I spent the majority of my school days in the Drama department, whether in classes, rehearsing for a production or just having a chat with my Drama teachers. I used to love taking part in all the school productions from the musical 'Sweet Charity' to performing an original play, 'Amy K' written by Deborah Gibbs, our Drama teacher, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Miss Gibbs was a major role model for me throughout my time at North London and it was with her help and guidance that I was able to achieve a place at the Royal Academy of Music to study Musical Theatre that was the springboard to my career now as an actress. She encouraged me to explore new techniques and styles of acting in the classroom, and was always there to help me if I ever needed any guidance pastorally. Since leaving Miss Gibbs has come to every production I have been a part of and continues to support me in my adult life.