Emma Gordon

Script Writer

I am proud to have been educated at NLCS and feel supremely fortunate to be connected to generations of brilliant women; past, present and future.  

My time at NLCS gave me a broader education than I understood at the time. As much as I focussed on arts subjects in my latter years, the grounding and encouragement I got from my science, maths and IT teachers means I still have confidence in my ability in those areas. I think that's the biggest thing my time at NLCS gave me: the belief that I am smart enough to find a solution to any problem, whatever the topic.

The school is special to me because it's at the very foundations of who I am. It certainly helped hone and develop the strengths I already had (reading, writing, critical thinking and general curiosity about the world) but it also pushed me to explore areas I didn't particularly want to challenge (maths, sciences, anything that involved a PE kit).

I am grateful for my earliest opportunities to write for an audience: a haiku in the junior school magazine, a failed entry for the Christmas panto and links for the infamous Canons Follies 1995. Not to mention all the essays I read aloud to friends and family - whether invited to or not.

I am also grateful for their encouragement to do four arts a-levels. It built a trojan work ethic that stood me in great stead. I still feel that if I could do that, I can do anything.

(Oh I also loved the summer drama programme that Mr and Mrs Podd used to run in the holidays where we'd put on a play in a week. Looking back, it was pretty great training for working on Neighbours).