Ellie Ereira

Product Manager

I feel so privileged to have had the education that I received, which began at NLCS. It gave me the grounding to go to world class universities, which in turn has given me the incredible freedom to forge a career path centered on what I enjoy. I can afford to take risks and explore opportunities in my career because of my education, and for that I'm incredibly grateful.

The education I received at NLCS was amazing. It extended beyond the classroom and included extracurricular activities from plays, societies, research, initiatives, campaigns and sport. There's a sense when you are at NLCS that you can take on the world and you have a whole army of peers who feel the same way.

My teachers were instrumental in my happiness at school. They encouraged me to develop passion for my subjects, particularly in Sixth Form. There are specific individuals I'll always remember who were so supportive and friendly. There was a real sense of trust, sharing and a desire for us to succeed.