Career Networking

The ONL Careers Network offers invaluable career advice and support to our alumnae. 

Whether you have just graduated or are returning to work from a career break, whether you are established in your career or starting to take on a wider range of responsibilities, ONLs across the world are willing and available to support you through careers advice, guidance, work placement opportunities and networking links.

Based on feedback from ONLs, North London now offers six career societies for specific sectors, and we’re likely to expand this list over the coming years:

  • The Arts
  • Business & Finance
  • Law
  • Media
  • STEM
  • Women in Medicine

Each of these societies provides informal networking forums for ONLs at all stages of their career, ranging from those simply considering a career in a specific industry, to those well-established within their sector. They also provide support to current students about their career choices. The societies also provide the useful function of identifying the challenges that women may face within their sector – and, importantly, ways to overcome them.

We aim to support members of our community in finding their own work-life balance. We hope that our students and ONLs can have the courage to define success in their own terms rather than through the expectations of others.

We also hold non career specific events, which help identify the issues that women face in the workplace, and how to overcome any challenges. 

As one ONL recently phrased it:  

"The truly amazing thing about all the ONLs I know is the confidence to follow the most appropriate path for them, and then be able to excel at that. The timing doesn't matter, nor the labels attached. Breaking the mould fabulously is what makes the best ONL"

If you are interested in joining one of our career societies, please let us know.

ONL Connect is our new online platform, designed specifically for ONLs to connect with each other for social or career networking purposes. We also post news about the School and events as well as job and internship opportunities. If you would like to join, please visit

If you are interested in receiving some career guidance, or if you are able to offer career help, please drop us an email

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