Travelling to School

Many students at NLCS use the School's coach and minibus services, which include free tube station shuttle-buses, to get to school by 8.20-8.25 am each day in time for Registration, which takes place at 8.40 am.

Students are also encouraged to use the local TfL buses, to walk or cycle. 

We have recently launched a fantastic, innovative Travel Buddy Scheme. This connects parents with other families in their area, so that their daughters can safely travel to and from school with other girls.

We recognise that some families prefer to drop their daughter at school. However, the local roads get very congested and there are limited parking spaces and drop-off facilities on site, so where possible we encourage parents to use alternatives.

For more information about any of these services please see below.  If you have any further questions please contact the Operations Team on 020 8951 6490 or via email at


Travelling to and from School:


Coach Services

The School runs an extensive coach and minibus service for more than 530 pupils at North London, which provides a popular means of travelling to school. The service is far-reaching, as we want to make the School accessible to as many girls as possible from across London.

The start times for the morning coaches vary depending on the length of the route but all aim to reach the School by 8.20-8.25 am.

We also operate Station Shuttle-bus services - please see below.

Registration takes place at 8.40 am. On those rare occasions when a coach is delayed, your daughter won’t miss any activities and their tutor/ teacher will catch up with them later in the day.

‘Early’ afternoon coaches for Junior School girls leave at 3.25pm or 3.40pm (unless they are involved in a club in which case girls in Years 3-7 can use the ‘main’ coach service leaving at 4.15pm). An adult chaperone rides with each of the early coaches.

The ‘main’ coach service in the afternoon departs at 4.15pm.

For more information please click here.

Station Shuttle-buses

We run a popular, free Station Shuttle-bus service to help girls complete the last leg of their journey. The Station Shuttle-buses operate between:

  • Edgware (Northern Line) and Stanmore (Jubilee Line) tube stations and the School from 8am in the morning.
  • The School and Edgware (Northern Line) or Canons Park (Jubilee Line) tube stations in the afternoons and evenings.  

We also run additional late station shuttle-bus services in the evenings (Monday to Thursday only) to:

The station shuttle-buses leave from the Loop Road at the following times.

Travel Buddy Scheme

Our new travel buddy scheme connects parents with other families in their area to enable your daughters to link up with other girls, so that they can travel together to and from NLCS using the School's coach and minibus services, on public transport, as well as by car or cycling. 

How does the Travel Buddy Scheme work? - Parents will need to register a contact email, the area where you live, your daughter’s year group and her mode of travel to school with the Operations Team, via an on-line form.  This information will then be shared with other parents in your area who have registered for the scheme. 

The School’s role in the scheme is limited to setting up the register and to sharing information with parents by mutual consent.   You must satisfy yourselves as to the suitability of any arrangements that you make with any other parents or girls.

How do parents register for the Travel Buddy Scheme? - To opt in to the Travel Buddy Scheme you will need to register by completing the online Travel Buddy Scheme Registration Form

Please note that by completing this registration form you are agreeing to your contact details being shared with other parents and also that you will not share the information sent to you with other parents who are not on the list, as we need to encourage them to register themselves for the scheme to be effective.

How often will information be shared? - The initial list incorporating new parents' information will be published in July.  Thereafter, the lists will be updated on a termly basis. 

How do parents opt out of the Travel Buddy Scheme? - If parents no longer wish to be registered for the Travel Buddy Scheme, they must submit a written request to and we will then remove your personal data from the register and any future published lists.


We hope that by using the Travel Buddy Scheme, you find parents and girls near you who may be able to help with getting to school. 

If you have any further questions please contact the Operations Team via or by calling 0208 951 490.


Tubes and Trains

The Jubilee Line runs closest to School with stations at Canons Park and Stanmore.  Girls who use this line may use our free Station Shuttle-buses or walk to school.  For more information please see below.

The Northern Line runs to Edgware.  This is a popular route and is also serviced by our free Station Shuttle-bus service (see below).

For more information about getting to school via the Thameslink, Bakerloo or Metropolitan Lines, or any other train service, please contact the Operations Team or go to the TfL website for more information.

London Rail and Tube Services map.


Local Buses

There are local buses services that serve the area:

  • Stanmore: 340 from Harrow and Edgware
  • Canons Park: 79 from Alperton and Edgware, 186 from Northwick Park and Brent Cross
  • Edgware: 32 from Kilburn Park, 107 from New Barnet, 113 from Marble Arch, 221 from Turnpike Lane, 240 from Golders Green, 251 from Arnos Grove, 292 from Borehamwood

Girls using these bus services can also use the Station Shuttle-buses for the final leg of their journey or may walk to school (10 minutes from Canons Park or 12 minutes from Stanmore) - please see below for more information.


Girls may cycle to school, locking their bikes securely away to covered cycle racks located behind the Bursary. We recommend that girls who cycle wear helmets and high visibility garments at all times on their journey to and from school.


Some girls walk to school. In addition to the main entrances on Dalkeith Grove and Canons Drive, there are pedestrian entrances at the south east corner of the site onto Canons Drive and to the north alongside 25 Dalkeith Grove, leading to the Junior School.  

There is a covered scooter shelter for use by Junior School girls.

Coming by Car

We recognise that for some parents it is convenient to drop-off their daughters on the way to work, but we do not encourage this as the local roads get very congested and there are limited parking spaces and drop-off facilities on site. 

However, parents may drive through the Dalkeith Grove entrance in the morning to drop-off pupils by the path in front of the Sports Centre.  If you need to park on Dalkeith Grove we ask that you avoid all driveways - giving consideration and respect to our neighbours.

If you use the Canons Drive entrance, you may drive onto the grounds and turn right down the side of the tennis courts, drop-off your daughter by the steps opposite the tennis courts and then turn right to exit back onto Canons Drive. 

In the afternoons, Junior School parents are encouraged to wait in the area of the Loop Road to pick-up their daughters by the Sports Centre, or to wait on Dalkeith Road. 

Parents may not use the Loop Road from 3.45pm and until the coaches have departed at about 4.25pm, as there is insufficient space for parents to wait safely with around 600 pupils connecting to our 22 coach and minibus services at this time.