Since its foundation in 1850, North London Collegiate School has provided financial support to girls who we know will thrive at NLCS but whose families cannot afford our fees. We offer this in the form of bursaries to girls joining the Senior School at 11+ or 16+.  

Bursaries exist to ensure that children who would benefit from attending NLCS are not prevented from doing so because of the costs. A bursary can cover any proportion of the costs of fees including 100% fees, lunches, mandatory curriculum equipment, exam fees and compulsory trips for those who are eligible.  

Currently, 77 NLCS students are receiving financial support in the form of a bursary, which equates to 9% of students, and over the last 5 years, we have given fee assistance to over 60 students.   

If you have any questions about the bursary application process, please contact the Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications. 

Please note: Our bursary applications are processed by an independent bursary administrator, BAL Limited, and will therefore have no bearing over the School's decision to offer a place

Bursary Applications

Once you have registered your daughter, you will need to complete a bursary application form and email it to bursaries@nlcs.org.uk with the supporting documentation (please send as attachments to the email). 

Deadline for bursary applications:

  • 11+ Entry - 15 November 2021
  • 16+ Entry - 1 October 2021

We will inform you of the outcome of your bursary application if your daughter is offered a place.

11+ Bursary Application Form

16+  Bursary Application Form


If you would like to hear the stories of former North London students whose lives have been transformed by receiving a bursary, please do watch the film below. 

Indicative scale of bursary awards for 2021/22 entry 

We realise that it is helpful to explain how we make decisions on the scale of bursary support that may be awarded to you. We judge each application carefully, considering the income and assets of the family. Bursary assessment is carried out independently, including a home visit by a third party.  

Total family income (gross, i.e. before tax)Possible bursary award Total contribution from parents/carers
£40,000 or less£21,354, including School lunches£0
£40,000 to £50,000£20,430£924 for School lunches (if required)
£50,000 to £60,000£10,215 - £20,430£0 - £10,215   plus £924 for School lunches (if required)
£60,000 to £75,000£0 - £10,215£10,215 - £20,430  plus £924 for School lunches (if required)
Applicants with household income in excess of £75,000 are unlikely to be granted an award. Awards will only be available to girls when the School is satisfied the fee-paying parent(s) are resident in the UK for tax purposes.

Please note that the possible bursary awards in the above table are for guidance only. Bursary awards are likely to be reduced from the levels shown above if you hold substantial assets or own other property. You should not assume you will be eligible for bursary support or that the level of support will be the amount indicated here. It is not possible for us to make an award without carrying out the financial assessment. All awards are made at the School’s discretion.  


A number of Music Scholarships are awarded at 11+ (for 5 years) and at 16+ on the basis of merit. Girls must pass the entrance examination and a music audition conducted by the music department to qualify. 

Click here for further details of our Handel Music Scholarships

Bursaries - Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about the bursary application process, please contact the Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications.  

Is your academic selection process separate to your bursary application? 

Yes. Your daughter has to be considered for a place on academic merit and interview performance before being considered for a bursary. Those marking the tests and carrying out the interviews will not know which candidates have applied for a bursary. Therefore, our academic selection process is separate from our bursary process, so if your child meets our academic standards, she will still be offered a place, regardless of being awarded a bursary.  

Are test results considered when awarding a bursary? 

No. If your child meets our academic standards, she will be offered a place, regardless of her financial circumstances. If your daughter is offered a place, her academic performance in the examination will have no impact on the size of bursary that is awarded.  

Is the bursary guaranteed for every year that my child is at NLCS? 

We review bursaries annually, but these will be continued at the same level if there are no material changes in financial circumstances.  

If there are changes in circumstances, bursary awards may be varied upwards or downwards.   

What factors are considered when assessing the size of the bursary that might be given?  

We judge each application carefully, considering: 

  • All sources of income;
  • all outgoings;
  • all assets (e.g. property, savings, shares);
  • all liabilities (e.g. mortgage, arrears, loans);
  • any other circumstances that you tell us about or that we consider relevant.