The Sunlight On The Garden

The Sunlight on the Garden was written by Dafydd James-Williams, our Head of English, to celebrate Bernice McCabe’s twenty years of Headship at North London Collegiate School.

Using Mrs McCabe’s Valedictory and Founder’s Day speeches as source material, the book is an examination of what makes North London Collegiate such a unique educational institution in the 21st century. The title, The Sunlight on the Garden, is taken from a poem by Louis MacNeice, referred to in one of Mrs McCabe’s Valedictory addresses. The poem also alludes quite directly to summer in the gardens at Canons, to the spatial and educational freedom offered to students here and, more indirectly, to the passing of generations through the School. The book includes a wonderful selection of photographs of Canons including some of our past and present students. 

Mrs McCabe was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2018, and sadly passed away on 18th February 2019. She was passionate about supporting the first NHS clinical trial of immunotherapy treatment for brain cancer patients which will be run by Dr Paul Mulholland, her consultant who leads the trial.

Therefore in our continued support of this special cause, all profits from the sale of The Sunlight on the Garden will be donated to the National Brain Appeal’s Immunotherapy Fund. 

This beautiful A5 hardback book is available to buy at £15 per book, and can be ordered via the links below.

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