North London Collegiate School’s Archives consist of records relating to the history of the school from 1850 onwards, including many items regarding Frances Mary Buss and the development of the school, women's education and teacher training. Digitised copies of the school magazine from 1875 are searchable via the following link

Frances Mary Buss was central to the establishment of the Association of Head Mistresses, and she and her successors were also important influences in the foundation of numerous schools, and in the wider world of education.  

The Archives include many books, letters, journals, photographs, admission records, prize lists, personal papers, reminiscences, medical registers and Governor’s minutes, as well as information on headmistresses and eminent ONLs.

The Archives also contain an impressive collection of primary material on the history of Canons (Cannons) dating from the 17th Century onwards, including a wealth of material on James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos. An important item in the collection is the letter book of Cassandra (née Willoughby), second wife of the Duke.

The richness of the collections is enhanced by the generosity of Old North Londoners (ONLs), who have donated documents, artefacts and other items to the school. Notable amongst them is Winifred Myers, ONL, who was respected throughout the scholarly and bibliographical world for her expertise in the autograph field. Her personal collection of documents on Canons and its owners was bequeathed to the school and has been preserved in the Archives in her name.

Within the school community pupils benefit from unrivalled access to these unique records, which are also used and appreciated by academics, genealogists and other researchers.By means of presentations and other activities, pupils of all ages are able to handle unique documents from all eras, bringing to life historical events such as the suffrage movement and life during the two World Wars. Founder's Day is celebrated each year, and the whole school community can use and appreciate archival material.

A particular highlight for the NLCS Archives was the visit of the Prince of Wales in November 2005, during which pupils from North London and from the Robert Clack School in Dagenham worked together using 18th century documents to study the nature of biography in general and the life of James Brydges in particular, and pupils have many opportunities to see and handle original, primary material.

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If you would like more information please contact Mrs Karen Morgan, Head Librarian and Archivist (020 8952 0912 ex 430/469). 

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