Art & Design

The Art Department consists of five specialist teachers and the free-standing "Drawing School", built in the 1950s, now also includes facilities for photography, computer aided design, intaglio and screen printing, textile design, welding and ceramics as well as most two dimensional media.

All Middle School students have a double lesson of Art a week and these groups carousel between the specialist areas for a broad experience.

GCSE , AS and A2 students undertake the Edexcel exam syllabuses with some opting to take art as part of the IB qualification: those wishing to pursue Art or Design at university level are well placed to prepare an eclectic portfolio.

Regular weekend workshops are held for senior students. These include life drawing, photography and top-up sessions for students wishing top extend class based projects

The Art at North London Collegiate has a proud pedigree: R.W. Buss (the Founder's father) illustrated for Dickens, Lucien Pissarro painted sets for plays and Peggy Angus, whose tiles adorn Terminal One at Heathrow, was Head of Art in the 1950s.

We continue this tradition of excellence with many students going on to study art, design or architecture at university. As well as an impressive range of resources and media to draw upon, the Department runs yearly trips to major European cities and the sixth form Art Society organises the annual charity Fantasy Fashion show and visiting speakers.

Recently we have enjoyed Simon Schama speaking about Rembrandt and Sandy Nairne of The National Portrait Gallery presenting his Desert Island choice from the collection.

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