RS & Philosophy

The Religious Studies and Philosophy Department aims to have all our students be well informed about religion and philosophy. Nurturing passionate and independent study is at the heart of what we do through lively discussion and debate coupled with academic rigour and an appreciation of scholarship.

Although NLCS is a Christian foundation, we are very lucky to be a multi-faith school in which all of the major world faiths are represented. Religious Studies is therefore taught objectively and with sensitivity at all times. We encourage the girls to take an intellectually rigorous approach to the subject, and we teach them to think and analyse. The subject promotes understanding and respect of all religious and cultural perspectives.

Religious Studies & Philosophy is taught throughout the school. RS is part of the core curriculum in Years 7-9. Students may select one of two distinct options for GCSE Religious Studies in Years 10 and 11.

In the Sixth Form the department offer 2 pathways leading to qualifications in either IB Philosophy or Pre-U Philosophy & Theology. Options studied are wide-ranging and reflect the particular interests of the department; the options include Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Biblical Studies (both Hebrew Bible and New Testament papers are offered) as well as textual study of philosophical texts including Plato’s The Republic and Sartre’s Existenialism and Humanism among others.

Enthusiasm for the innate value of studying Religion and Philosophy in their widest senses has meant large numbers of girls have gone on to read Theology, Philosophy or PPE at the top universities.

Study of such a diverse subject is supported by trips to places of religious interest both at home and abroad.

Wider interest in the subject is encouraged in the Senior, Upper School and Junior Philosophy societies. Speakers have included Dr Stephen Law, Michael Palmer, Professor Sarah Coakley among others. In addition to Philosophy Society, there are societies for girls with interest in particular religions, including: Jewish Society; Christian Society; Hindu, Sikh, Jain Society; Muslim Society; and Secular Society.

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