Physics is one of the most fundamental of all sciences. In the Physics department, our aim is not only to explain to the students the laws of Physics but also to help students to appreciate the impact that Physics has on us and the world in general. We promote a genuine enjoyment of the subject turning our lessons into a tour of scientific discovery, allowing our students to relive the excitement of seeing ordinary things and events through the eyes of great physicists of the past and present.

A broad and consistent education in Physics develops the potential of each student to meet new challenges in their future careers, opening the doors to success in academia, industry, commerce, the public sector and education.

The Physics department consists of 5 well-qualified teachers all with their own subject specialisms, supported by experienced technicians.

Physics is integrated in the Year 7 course and is taught as Science. In Year 8 students are taught separate sciences by subject specialists.

Beginning in 2012, we have introduced the triple award Science IGCSE for all students. The girls are taught biology, chemistry and physics as three separate courses by specialist teachers. We consider this course to be an excellent preparation for A level, allowing us much greater scope to explore topics in depth during the Sixth Form.

We also offer an Enrichment course that offers a two-year study at the AS level and is suitable for those who enjoy Physics but whose main interests lie elsewhere.

Our students leave us to undertake an impressive range of university studies. Over the last few years they have embarked on courses in Physics, Physics with Philosophy, Natural Sciences, Engineering (Civil and Mechanical), Architecture, Medical Physics, Materials Science, Marine Biology, Medicine, Mathematics and Management, as well as others which involve no Physics at all.

Above all, we believe we teach with enthusiasm and share our love of the subject with students.

We take visits both across Britain and abroad with our students, including visits to hospital radiology departments, to lectures, to CERN in Geneva. Our students take part in the Physics Olympiads.

Our sixth-form students take part in Senior Societies such as Engineering Society, Science Society or Architecture Society, where they introduce topics in Physics.

Every year we celebrate the Maths and Science week during which many girls from all year groups participate in a variety of activities.

Our Year 13 girls run aScience Clubfor years 7 where exciting experiments are carried out.

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