The NLCS Economics Department aims to provide students with a critical understanding of the economic world in which they live, by applying economic concepts to real world problems and situations. We aim to develop a student's personal effectiveness through an understanding of contemporary economic issues by making them 'Economically Literate'.

Economics can be studied in the Sixth Form in the IB or A-level pathway. In both there are units of work on microeconomics and macroeconomics and international trade and development. The A-level course does put more emphasis on the performance of the UK economy whilst the IB is more international in its perspective as it is a course that is studied by students living all around the world.

Economics is a popular subject which many go on to study at university.

For girls with particular interest in Economics, the department offers a wealth of extracurricular activities. The Economics society meets regularly to hold discussion groups on current economic issues. Girls in the Sixth Form produce an Economics bulletin that is circulated to the entire Senior School. We hold economic debates with boys from Harrow School on current topics such as “Are the cuts in government spending too great?” and “Has equal pay between men and women been achieved?Girls compete in the Bank of England 2.0 Competition in teams of four presents their assessment of the economy and what should be done to interest rates. Finally, the Economics Society hosts speakers in Senior Societies.

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