The Chemistry department aims to foster a love for and understanding of the subject in all our students. We do this by promoting scholarly work and involvement with the practical aspects of Chemistry. It is our belief that everyone should be excited by the journey of discovery that is the study of Science.

The Chemistry department is staffed by 5 full-time Chemistry teachers and 2 excellent dedicated technicians. This means that we can do demanding, engaging and exciting Chemistry with all age groups. Year 12 girls run a science club for younger students, where novel experiments can be carried out including making volcanoes, crystals, slime and explosions. Sixth form students also get involved with symposium talks and debates in collaboration with other schools. Younger students are involved in the science club and we have started to do the CREST award for young scientists to take on more involved projects.

Chemistry is integrated in the Year 7 course and is taught as Science. In Year 8, students are taught separate sciences by specialist teachers.

Beginning in 2012, we have introduced the triple award Science IGCSE for all students. The girls are taught biology, chemistry and physics as three separate courses by specialist teachers. We consider this course to be an excellent preparation for A level, allowing us much greater scope to explore topics in depth during the Sixth Form.

Whether the pupils are pursing A Levels or IB diploma, chemistry is a very popular Sixth Form choice, with nearly half the cohort studying it. Students leave to do degrees in a variety of disciplines such as economics, pure sciences and medicine. Students should finish their school Chemistry studies with the ability to make sense of the physical world around them.

Students of all ages are encouraged to do Chemistry outside school, be it the Chemistry Olympiad competition, the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge, Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry, the Top of the Bench competition as well as lectures at a variety of London university departments or analytical competitions.

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