Coach Service

The School runs an extensive coach service for more than 600 pupils at North London, which provides a popular and safe means of travelling to school. The service is far reaching, as we want to make the School accessible to as many girls as possible from across London.

For general enquiries regarding the coach services, please contact the Transport Team on 020 8951 6490 or via email at

For full details of coach destinations, timetables and shuttle buses, click here

Please click below for further information about travelling to and from school in the Junior School:  

What time does school begin?

The doors open at 8.30am for the First School and girls can be dropped off between 8.30am and 8.45am.  The Lower School girls can be dropped off between 8.15 - 8.30am and registration is at 8.40am.

How old do the girls have to be before they can use the coach service?

Reception children can use the 'main' coach routes in the morning and the 'early' routes in the afternoon as soon as they are settled in school and a ‘coach pal’ has been identified.  This usually takes a couple of weeks. 

Who looks after the girls on the coach?

The coach team works closely with the Junior School staff to identify a ‘coach pal’ (i.e. a girl from Y5 or above) who will look after the First School girl on the coach in the morning. The coach pal will ensure your daughter is seated and belted up. She will escort her to the First School and hand her over to the staff. Many lovely relationships (and babysitters!) arise from the coach pal system.  

Adult Chaperones are assigned to the 'early' coaches in the afternoon.

Is the school accessible by tube?

The school is within walking distance of Edgware, Canons Park or Stanmore stations.

There is a minibus shuttle service from the Edgware and Stanmore stations in the mornings and from school to Edgware and Canons Park tube stations from 4.30pm in the afternoons.

Parents/carers can then accompany the girls to school on the tube and then they can be chaperoned on the minibus and escorted into the First School in the mornings.


What time does the school day end?

The First School day ends at 3.10pm. Girls with sisters in the Lower School may wait in their classrooms until 3.20pm. Girls using the afternoon coach service home, are collected by the escort at 3.20pm. The Lower School day ends at 3.25pm and After School Clubs end at 4.00pm.


Are there any after school activities for the First School?

Year Two girls are able to have small group recorder or violin lessons after school. They may also wait in the late room until 4.00pm if they have a sister in a Lower School club.

Can my daughter wait for her older sibling and use the 4.15pm coaches?

Girls in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 cannot travel home at this time, but from Year 3 girls can use the 'main' coach services to get home if they have been to an After School Club, or if their destination is not covered by an 'early' coach, or if they are waiting for an older sibling and have attended After School Care which operates from 4.00pm- 5.30pm. Year 3 girls will not be escorted on this service.

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