Prince's Teaching Institute

Since 2002 Mrs McCabe has directed the Prince of Wales Education Summer Schools for teachers of English and History and is also now Co-Director of The Prince's Teaching Institute, which has grown from the Summer Schools and which offers training for teachers in English, History, Geography, Science, Maths and Modern Foreign Languages teaching. It also offers a leadership programme for Headteachers.

HRH The Prince of Wales





The Prince's Teaching Institute (PTI) is an independent educational charity created by the Prince of Wales. It believes that all children, irrespective of background or ability, deserve a rich subject-based experience at school - both within and beyond the examination curriculum. The philosophy of The Prince's Teaching Institute is rooted in its commitment to improving children's education in state schools. It believes that all pupils, irrespective of background or ability, are entitled to a subject-based curriculum, taught by inspirational and knowledgeable teachers.

It pursues these aims by:

  • Promoting the idea that subject knowledge, subject rigour and the enthusiasm for communicating them are essential requirements for effective teaching to children of all backgrounds and ability
  • Promoting and providing subject-based professional development for teachers
  • Creating an inspirational forum for teachers, enabling them to step away from the classroom and rediscover their love of subject
  • Encouraging and inspiring teachers, by demonstrating good use of academic rigour and challenge in the classroom
  • Creating stronger links between academic departments in schools, and between schools and universities
  • Promoting and enabling a more constructive dialogue between teachers and government educational agencies
  • Exercising a beneficial influence on the development of policy in the areas of curriculum development, assessment and training
The Headmistress with Mr Chris Pope, Co-Director of The Prince's Teaching Institute

The professional development programmes offered by the Institute are designed to bring teachers together with the country's most eminent academics, writers and policy makers in an inspirational forum for discussion of fundamental questions about the curriculum and broader national education policy. Further information can be found on the PTI's website -

NLCS involvement with the PTI

Many of our staff have been involved in designing course content and have led the Summer School subject streams. As well as English and History, course content has been written for Science, Geography, Maths and Modern Foreign Languages.

NLCS staff

For many years now NLCS pupils have had the chance to attend the annual Summer Schools, providing them with the opportunity of listening to some great speakers. Some of their responses are as follows:

"The day we arrived we were greeted by the eminent Dr Lovelock, best known for proposing the Gaia hypothesis. Listening to the views of one such independent scientist, author, researcher, environmentalist and futurist was truly thought provoking as he probed the differing views surrounding contemporary debates such as those on climate change." Nia Davies NLCS pupil (Summer School 2008)

Mr Nicol, teacher of Chemistry at NLCS
NLCS pupils working with delegates at Cambridge

"The Summer School was very enjoyable due to the range of activities and in particular the stimulating lectures. I also had the opportunity to meet a variety of teachers with lots of experience who were able to give me useful tips and guidance for my last year at school and beyond." Nadia Kottegoda NLCS pupil, (Summer School 2009)

"The highlight of the three days was the address given by Sir Tom Stoppard. Given the nature of his speech-making, it would be impossible for me to summarise his thoughts. One motion of his, however, did seem to chime with both my experience of English and with my three days in Cambridge. He said ‘promulgating the study of English would be like promulgating beauty or bread', and this seems to encompass what is at once so extravagant and so indispensible about the subject." Phoebe Braithwaite NLCS pupil (Summer School 2010)

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