Capital Fundraising

Capital Fundraising at North London Collegiate School

For over 160 years since its inception as the first large academic girls’ day school in the UK, North London has educated women to become leaders in their fields. From the Lower School through to the Sixth Form, students enjoy a rich curriculum. Complementing this curriculum, the School offers a wide variety of activities and clubs to nurture students’ interests, talents and individuality.

But academic choice and extra-curricular variety need space, and our spaces need ongoing development and improvements.

We are grateful to all our supporters who, over recent years, have contributed towards capital campaigns and who have enabled North London to maintain its world class facilities and buildings.

Most recently, philanthropic support allowed the School to complete the New Buildings Project through the ‘Extending Excellence in Education’ campaign; our students have greatly benefitted since the project’s completion in September 2013, and now enjoy additional laboratories and classrooms, social spaces and study spaces, and larger, refurbished dining facilities.

North London continues to improve and invest in its buildings; the School is committed to future capital works and campaigns. In recent months, the Governing Body has discussed a long-term fundraising plan that would enable the School to both secure our bursary provision and also continue our commitment to providing the best possible facilities. We are delighted to announce that the School has just committed to a new capital campaign to raise funds for arts and music provision which will include performance, studio and rehearsal spaces, as well as improving the Junior School, and in particular the courtyard area. We look forward to sharing further details with the North London community and alumnae soon.

Deborah Sobel, Director of Development
T: 020 8951 6376
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