Flying Angels School (Zambia)

In 2007 NLCS set up a long-term Community Service link with a school in Zambia. The Flying Angels Community School, situated in the Zambian capital Lusaka, aims to provide education and support for the most needy in the community. As a community school they receive no government support but rely on donations and the goodwill of the community. Over the past five years NLCS has sought to help Flying Angels staff fulfil their vision for the school by supplying basic resources such as text books, library books, recycled computers and science equipment and by raising funds for more substantial projects, including the purchase of teaching rooms for the Senior School and an accommodation block for the staff.

The link is strengthened through annual visits to Lusaka by NLCS staff and Year 12 students, during which NLCS students teach their Zambian peers. The development of teaching and learning at Flying Angels is one of the key aims of the partnership; the visiting NLCS teachers provide in-service training for their Zambian counterparts and staff from across NLCS sponsor Flying Angels teachers through the Zambian national teacher training programme.

The annual visit to Flying Angels by 4 members of staff and 18 students is very popular with both students and staff. A team of 18 girls are selected at the start of Year 12 and prepare for the trip the following summer by finding out more about Zambia, learning basic teaching strategies and raising funds for Flying Angels. The team travel to Zambia immediately after the end of the academic year in July and spend two weeks teaching in the Flying Angels ‘Cornelius Academy’ (senior school). The girls also get the chance to spend some time helping younger Zambian students in the Basic school with reading and phonics.

Visiting each year has enabled us to see first-hand how the funds we have raised have been used to enhance the facilities at Flying Angels, from the provision of classrooms to new boards, benches and books. NLCS students relish the opportunity to get to know their Zambian peers, developing strong friendships as well as an appreciation of each other’s cultures. The visit ends with a ‘Cultural Exchange’, an afternoon celebrating music, drama, poetry and dance performed by students from both schools. NLCS girls often keep in touch with some of their Zambian counterparts and some have revisited Flying Angels during their gap years or university holidays, running a holiday ‘Activities Programme’ for older Flying Angels students.

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