Student and Staff Exchanges

NLCS organises a large number of International exchange programmes for students and teachers.

NLCS Jeju - Korea

NLCS students and staff enjoy exchange programmes with our sister school, NLCS Jeju, on the island of Jeju off the coast of South Korea.

Germantown Academy – USA

For over 20 years, NLCS has had a teacher exchange programme with the Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania. 

SCEGGS – Sydney, Australia

SCEGGS is an independent school for girls aged 4 to 17 located in Darlinghurst, just outside the city of Sydney. The exchange programme was established 4 years ago and has enabled exchanges to take place between both school for students and teachers.

Goethe-Gymnasium, Ludwigsburg – Germany

The school longest established exchange with the Goethe-Gymnasium was set up shortly after World War Two as a means of promoting reconciliation and cultural understanding between the UK and Germany. In 2009 the exchange celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Flying Angels School, Lusaka - Zambia

Established in 2007, a group of sixth form students travelled to to Lusaka, Zambia, to help develop the Flying Angels Community School.

You can also read more here about Flying Angels School here

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