Upper School

Moving into the Upper School is an exciting time for all the girls at North London. Students in Years 10 and 11 have the chance to become more independent, to follow their academic interests to a higher level and to try out all kinds of new activities and interests. 

When the girls enter the Upper School at the start of Year 10, they have already chosen four or five option subjects to sit alongside the core elements which form the backbone of the academic curriculum. All students follow courses in Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Biology, Physics and Chemistry; this broad range of subjects gives them a rich academic experience and a range of key skills which will stand them in excellent stead for whatever plans they may have for the future. In addition, they can opt to take one or more humanities, choosing from Geography, History and Religious Studies, pursue a modern or classical language which they have already studied, including Latin, French, Spanish or German or take up a new language such as Classical Greek or Russian. Some students wish to follow a more creative path and can take Art and Design, Drama, Music or Computing.

In addition to the examination courses there is a real wealth of extra-curricular opportunities open for everyone to enjoy and become involved in. All students are encouraged to play an active role in whatever interests them, from sport to music, from drama to debating. There are many opportunities for students to be creative and write for all kinds of journals and magazines, including the official termly school newsletter, Canons Life, a fashion magazine Wintour or a satirical publication, Brown Army. 

Students in the Upper School organise and run all kinds of committees and teams, ranging from the official School Advisory Council to the environmentally aware Green Team, from the charity committee Time Out to the Upper School reading group. Most of these initiatives have been suggested by the students themselves and the number of activities grows year by year. Finally, as part of their official timetable, girls have the chance to take a break from their academic studies each Tuesday afternoon and pursue an activity which they choose each term; the current list of options open to them includes the Duke of Edinburgh’s award scheme, horse-riding and scuba-diving as well as courses in sports leadership and providing technical support for the numerous drama productions which take place in the school’s own Performing Arts Centre.

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