Founder's Day

Founder's Day is the School's annual celebration of the founding of North London Collegiate School by Frances Mary Buss in 1850.

Every year, members of the school community gather together on the last day of the Spring Term to commemorate the Founder and the subsequent history of the School. Current students and staff are joined by Old North Londoners, Governors and friends of the School.

A formal service is held in the morning in the Senior School Hall. Readings by students and governors are interspersed with psalms and hymns, and the Headmistress gives an address, which focuses on a specific aspect of the School’s history. Separate services are held for the Middle School and the Junior School.

The entire School joins together to participate in the traditional daffodil parade, which concludes the main service. The daffodil was Frances Mary Buss’s favourite flower and so every member of the School brings a daffodil with them to Founder’s Day to commemorate Miss Buss. The daffodils are collected at the end of the service and later given to a local nursing home.

Camden School for Girls, which was also founded by Frances Mary Buss, holds a similar daffodil ceremony to commemorate the Founder at a different date. A select group of students from Camden attend North London’s Founder’s Day and vice versa. In recent years, too, Founder's Day has been celebrated at NLCS Jeju.

The formal service is followed by ‘entertainment’ organised by the Sixth Form. Typically, the ‘Founder’s Day Play’ builds on the main theme of the Headmistress’ address. The play simultaneously explores the history of the School and showcases the musical and theatrical talent of the students.

Throughout the day, the traditional spirit and values of North London Collegiate School are remembered and celebrated. Founder’s Day is a particularly emotional day for the Sixth Form, who consider their last Founder’s Day to be one of the most important events in the school year.

To find out more, please visit our Archive pages and History of the School.

Esther Rantzen CBE (Old North Londoner) with sixth formers


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