Music is an important part of life in the Junior School and most of the girls have instrumental lessons with our talented peripatetic teachers.  A full complement of instrumental lessons is available; the best age to start varies from instrument to instrument and the development of the individual girl.

Music sessions in the First School aim to establish the pupils’ experience of enjoyable and satisfying music making through movement, singing and playing percussion instruments.  We explore the elements of music in a variety of technical and creative games, most importantly introducing pitch, pulse and rhythm. 

Two weekly class music lessons provide the forum for the delivery of a well-planned and progressive curriculum with opportunities for performing, composing, listening and appraising. A weekly choir session each for Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6 provides the opportunity for further development of vocal and musicianship skills and many opportunities for performance.  In addition to this, there is an auditioned Chamber Choir of 45 girls.  This talented group of singers have two rehearsals per week and achieve an extremely high standard, performing in festivals and competitions.  They were recently named ‘Choir of the Day’ at the regional festival Choir of the Year 2014 competition, putting them in the top eight Junior Choirs in the country and into the National selection stage.


Performance is enjoyed by all and there are many instrumental groups to take part in, including the Junior Orchestra, String Group, Flute Group, Clarinet Group, Percussion Group and Cello Ensemble. There is a varied concert programme throughout the year and many performance opportunities from the Festive Concert and Lower School Concert to the Soloists’ Concert and the many music assemblies and musical plays which take place throughout the year.


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