Links with Parents

Settling in

New parents are invited in to school to meet each other and the form teacher in the Summer Term. The girls joining Reception and Year 3 are invited to come into school for an afternoon in the second half of the Summer Term when they meet their form teacher and new classmates. Girls who join at other times are invited to spend a day in school before they join the Junior School. In September girls act as buddies to help and support the new girls.

Home/School Contact

All girls have a message book in which teachers and parents exchange messages and girls write their homework assignments. In the First School this book is checked each day for messages. Parents are always welcome to have a word with the form teacher at the end of the day; appointments are not necessary. If you do not collect your daughter and want to speak to the class teacher, you are welcome to phone and if the teacher is not free she will return your call later.

There are Curriculum Evenings at the beginning of the school year and Parents' Evenings in the Autumn and Spring Terms. Parents receive a full written report in the Summer Term. After the reports are sent out, parents are welcome to come in to discuss the report with their Form Teacher if they wish. 


Girls in the First School have a small amount of reading homework on a daily basis. In addition girls will have some other language or maths or finding out activity for homework once a week in Reception and Yr 1. In Yr 2 they have three 20 minutes homeworks per week.

Girls in the lower part of the Junior School have about thirty minutes of homework in an evening and this rises to about forty minutes at the top of the Junior School. We are always interested in quality rather than quantity and ask that parents cast a helpful eye over their daughter's homework. Year 5 and 6 girls are allowed to start their homework in the late room.  The school does not set homework over the holidays. Girls need the time to rest and relax!


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