Throughout the Junior School, the girls enjoy their lessons and activities. In fact they are having so much fun that they hardly know they are learning!

In any given week you may encounter girls dressed up as Victorian School children, as class listening to a visiting author, a group making a video or doing a tree survey in the grounds or a team testing out a Roman chariot they have just designed.

As well as the wide variety of activities at school, the girls from Reception to Year 6 visit a variety of interesting places during their time in the school, such as the Houses of Parliament, The Royal Opera House and the British Museum. In addition there are visits to Legoland, to the National Gallery with talks led by art historians, trips to Hampton Court to enjoy life as Tudor cooks and an outing to Verulamium to handle Roman objects and see the ruins. Some expeditions are annual; some are arranged in order to take advantage of a particular event – such as a whole Junior School trip to the Paralympics.

In addition, many groups and individuals visit the school. We welcome authors, musicians and theatre groups. The Young Shakespeare Company regularly bring their talent and expertise to Lower School classes, introducing them to the language and drama of some of Shakespeare’s plays.

The Y6 girls grow in confidence and meet new challenges during events such as The Young Business Enterprise Game. Y5 learn study skills through participation in a Thinking Skills Focus Day and Historical re-enactment events occur regularly for all the girls, with visits from a Victorian School Inspector and a World War 2 air raid warden. Book Week and a Curriculum Focus Week present opportunities for the girls to meet authors, illustrators and develop their interest in different subject areas.

Groups of girls attend events at other schools, such as maths challenge competitions, choir festivals, chess matches and debates and we are always happy to extend a warm welcome to groups from other schools who regularly attend our writers’ workshops given by authors and poets and other partnership activities.

Life in the Junior School is filled with opportunities to learn beyond the classroom. There is, quite literally, never a dull moment.


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