Junior School

Welcome to the Junior School...

Mrs Jo Newman, Head of Junior School

As I walk around the Junior School I am delighted to see how much the girls are enjoying all their lessons and activities. In fact they are having so much fun that they hardly know they are learning.

In any given week you may encounter girls dressed up as Victorian school children, a class listening to a visiting author, a group making a video or doing a tree survey in the grounds and a team testing out a Roman chariot they have just designed.

The girls are absorbed in the fun and adventure of learning as they rapidly develop confidence and a wealth of new skills. The close involvement of our team of dedicated and experienced staff in teaching and pastoral care ensures that we are able to identify skills and excellence at an early stage and in turn provide the help and inspiration that each girl needs to achieve her full potential.

The Junior School benefits from a dedicated building with superb facilities. Our presence on the same campus as the Senior School means that we also share all that Canons has to offer. Our girls can use the extensive North London coach system with the confidence that Senior girls will act as chaperones to the youngest North Londoners.

Our curriculum offers a broad and balanced range of subjects and has been designed to ensure that pupils develop a love of the different subjects alongside a strong foundation in the core academic areas.

Imagination and creativity are nurtured through huge opportunities in Music, Art and Drama, which are integral elements of the curriculum. Special performances for parents and guests generate great excitement in an atmosphere which is lively and productive. The wide range of extracurricular activities on offer enables the girls to try themselves out in different ways and develop a range of new skills and interests.

From the girls' earliest years at school, Sport and fitness for all is strongly promoted with the emphasis always on enjoyment at every level of ability. The sporting facilities are stunning and the sporting programme is packed with activity.

As the girls gain in confidence they are encouraged to develop independence and a sense of responsibility. With the support of our strong school community they move on well prepared to meet new challenges. 

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