Entry at 7+

Admission to the Junior School - 8 to 10 places

Registration for 2018 entry is open from 1st May - 15th November 2017.

Please use the link below to register your daughter if she was born between 1st September 2010 and 31st August 2011.

Girls enter Year 3 of the Junior School in their 8th year. You should register your daughter from May to mid-November of the previous year.  Thus, for September 2018 entry at 7+, girls must have a date of birth between 1st September 2010 and 31st August 2011. 

The Entrance Tests take place in January prior to the September entry.

The process is in two stages. The first stage involves preliminary written tests which assess literacy and numeracy.  In the assessments we are looking to discover what the girls can do, not what they can’t do. For the first stage tests, the 7 year old candidates will be expected to:

1. Write an imaginative story using full sentences and some interesting vocabulary. 

2. Read fluently with understanding in order to give answers to written questions.

3. Write the answers to these questions in simple sentences. 

4. Understand the concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and 'sharing'/division and be able to apply these rules to 'story' sums.

5. Know the 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables. 

6. Have a basic understanding of time, money and block graphs.

To download sample literacy and numeracy papers please see below:

Sample English paper 

Sample Maths paper 

Selected candidates are called back for the second stage of the process which consists of a day at school, where they will be taught as a class and experience the learning and excitement of a busy North London school day.

Applications are registered between 1st May and 15th November of the year prior to entry.

Please use the following link to register your daughter for 2018 Entry: 7+ Application Form

Visiting the School

We strongly encourage the parents of girls who wish to apply for a place at 7+ to come to one of our School in Action Mornings, giving parents the opportunity to look around the Junior School whilst lessons are in progress. Upon arrival, refreshments will be available, followed by a talk from the Head of the Junior School giving information about the admissions process. Junior School girls will act as tour guides, showing parents around the classrooms and the school facilities.

In the Autumn Term we offer Taster Mornings to prospective 7+ girls (who are due to enter the school the following September) whilst parents attend the School in Action Morning. Girls are invited to attend two taster lessons and break time which will give them a flavour of Junior School life here at North London Collegiate School.

Our annual Open Day, held in the Autumn term, provides the perfect opportunity for parents to bring their daughters and family to visit the school. They will be able to follow a ‘Junior School Trail', experience the activities and visit the classrooms used for the assessments.

For further details of School in Action Mornings, 7+ Taster Mornings and our Open Day, please click here.

For further information about Junior School admissions, please contact:

Mrs Christine Wallace, Junior School Admissions Officer: 020 8952 1276 or  

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